USA Call Center Outsourcing-are we too small to outsource?

USA Call Center Outsourcing

So you started your in-house call center with a couple of office workers sitting the back with a phone. It now has grown to the point where you are not servicing customers and your customer service department is inefficient, expensive and not providing the quality that your product or service demands. Plus you are tired of handling call-offs and turnover. You need USA call center outsourcing- but are we too small to outsource yet?

You may have looked into outsourcing but every consultant or call center has told you that no one will take anything less than 20 seats and the setup and cost structure is outrageous. All you are looking for is to outsource 8 maybe 10 seats…I have heard this story time and time again.

The Alternative is Here:

Expivia offers USA call center outsourcing whose niche is high quality USA customer service support and sales that has its own department that excels in the “small program” that the mega centers won’t even consider. Located in Erie, Pennsylvania, we have built a business unit that specializes in the servicing of programs that are less than 50 seat and many of them are less than 10. We have the processes for quality and pricing in place to make outsourcing your program an easy adjustment.

In our 30 years’ experience in the outsourcing business we have seen more and more how smaller type programs had gotten the squeeze and are very difficult to place. Mega call centers have Mega budgets and overhead that makes taking projects under 40 seats not a profitable venture for them. Sad thing is these companies looking for help with 5, 10 or 20 seats are the companies that may really need the service yet not one will help. We have shifted a business unit to help these organizations.

At Expivia you will get all the technology and processes that the “big boys” have (inbound, outbound, chat, email, video, social) including speech analytics and chatbot/texting AI with the quality of American associates. Expivia has partners as well in the near-shore and offshore markets so we can help you even if you are looking for a hybrid model. Companies are using our American agents for voice buffered with an offshore partner for chat and email making is a truly cost effective process. We at Expivia would run your program so you would have one point of contact for all your call center needs no matter what type of model you are looking to utilize.

We have or are working with some of the largest brands in the USA, startups, retailers and small businesses. We do not discriminate. We take the burden away from you running your customer service, inbound/outbound sales programs. Let us handle your customers while you handle your core business. It’s time to give your customers a world class service and sales experience, let us help. No program or company is “small” at Expivia.


Check out Expivia at: for more usa call center outsourcing and to download an Expivia overview. You can also see more benefits of a USA call center here on our blog post “The Case for using USA Call Center BPOS’s”

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