Expivia Call Center Staffing Calculator

Erlang C Calculator

Making sure that you have the proper number of agents staffed in your call center based on the KPI’s that you need to hit is vital to the profitability and efficiency of your center.

If you are a smaller center and do not have access to expensive workforce management software, there are other options available to you to make sure you are staffed appropriately.

The ERLANG C Calculator that you see below is one of them.  It calculates staffing based on variables that you enter.  All you need to know is your historical call volume by interval, average handle time, service level percentage within the answer time you expect (Industry average is an 80/30) and your shrinkage (basically your call off percentage)

For most centers, this is all you need to accurately predict your staffing needs.  Please use the calculator below as much as you need, and we hope you find it a valuable resource for your contact center.

Also, check out our call center saving calculator to do a free 5-minute cost assessment of your center on your own.

Average Handling Time (seconds)
Service Level (%)
Answer Time (seconds)
Shrinkage (%)
Time Incoming Contacts Agents Needed

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