Speech Analytics

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Expivia gives you actionable insights from every customer interaction to give real-time and historical insights into what your customers are actually saying.

Highly accurate results and visualizations provide an intuitive and quantifiable understanding of how every interaction influences the customer experience and your business results.


Analyze 100% of recorded customer conversations to get the full
picture of what customers are saying.

Track satisfaction and discussion topic trends across and within
customer interactions.

Pinpoint dissatisfied customers based on their sentiment and the
topics of discussion allowing for quick business pivots.

Enable proactive problem resolution by identifying dissatisfied
customer interactions in near real time.

Understand product or service roll-outs in more detail but what your customers are saying.


Understand customers’ true experiences by quantitatively tracking trends and satisfaction.

We ca n target drivers of strategic business outcomes, like first contact resolution, to create high-impact improvements.

Expivia is able to Identify each agent’s positive and negative behaviors to make coaching more effective.

Reduce compliance risk by analyzing every interaction for potential issues.

Focus agents on listening to and helping customers rather than just following policies and procedures.