Expivia Interaction Marketing Group Adopts Pypestream

2840 W 21st St, Erie, PA 16506

Expivia Interaction Marketing Group Adopts Pypestream to Leverage the Power of Smart Messaging, AI and Chatbots

APRIL 14, 2017 — Pypestream continues its momentum in 2017 with the announcement of yet another customer, Expivia Interaction Marketing Group. Expivia – a multi-channel BPO with 100% US-only associates – is embracing the shift to the on-demand economy by incorporating Pypestream into their range of solutions.

As part of the deal, Expivia will now offer Pypestream to their customers as a solution to help reduce operating costs and increase customer satisfaction. Expivia customers who use Pypestream will be able to leverage pragmatic AI and chatbots to deliver always-on customer service through messaging. Pypestream’s patented messaging and chatbot platform features enterprise-grade functionality that allows businesses to transact with their customers, share files, and schedule appointments.

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“Pypestream has a unique ability to combine the power of pragmatic AI with the intuitive nature of messaging,” said Expivia CEO, Thomas Laird. “This combination allows businesses to meet customers where they are, and engage with them any time, anywhere.”

Thomas Laird Expivia CEO

Pypestream allows enterprises to join the on-demand economy by providing an end-to-end solution that enables businesses process transformation through smart messaging, intuitive user experiences, and automation via chatbots and AI. It’s been an eventful year for Pypestream, having recently announced $15 million in new funding, three core patents with the USPTO, and an expansion of their executive team.

The announcement of Expivia is expected to fuel further growth as Pypestream secures new opportunities across a wide spectrum of industries. So far, their customer engagement solution has been applied to industries including insurance, airline, healthcare, financial services, travel, and telecommunications.

“Expivia has emerged as the new high-end player in the USA contact center outsourcing space,” said Pypestream’s Chief Customer Officer Donna Peeples. “With Pypestream, their clients will benefit from total enterprise automation while having the ability to message with customers across multiple channels for real-time engagement.”

Thomas Laird Expivia CEO

About Pypestream:

Pypestream works with enterprises everywhere to bring them into the on-demand economy and allow them to meet today’s consumer where they are. Through Pypestream’s Customer Engagement Solution, businesses connect with customers using smart messaging, enabling increased satisfaction and loyalty. The patented, secure and compliant platform combines pragmatic AI and chatbots to enable transactions over messaging.

The Pypestream solution encompasses the consumer-facing mobile app, Smart Messaging Platform, agent console, supervisor dashboard, analytics and reporting, and web chat widgets. Pypestream also integrates with existing contact center platforms and customer mobile apps. All this is augmented with Pypestream’s Customer Experience team to ensure best practices in messaging and end-user onboarding.

Businesses use Pypestream for customer service, marketing, billing, and internal processes. Industry verticals served include healthcare, insurance, utilities, government, and others. Customers include Lynx Services, a Solera Company; and Discovery Health, among others. Visit www.pypestream.com for more information

Expivia Interaction Marketing Group Inc. is an innovative business process outsourcer and multi-channel contact center with 100% US-only associates. A pioneering force in outsourcing solutions, Expivia recently won the NW Pennsylvania (Erie Pa) Startup of the year award in 2016. Their services include customer service, inbound servicing, chat and email, video customer service, social media monitoring, outbound calling, and IVR and APP self service. With a mission to build strong and long term customer relationships for their clients, Expivia builds multi-channel trade routes to customers for true engagement on their terms. Visit www.expiviausa.com for more information

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