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Expivia will raise your Net Promoter and Customer Satisfaction Scores
while lowering your cost per call by using our time tested techniques
  • Omni-Channel engagement using Voice, Chat, Email, SMS Texting, Social Media Monitoring, Video and the newest in Chatbot and Texting AI
  • Expivia can integrate with any CRM platform including any proprietary setup a client may have
  • All agents are SINGLE SKILLED so your program will only be run by agents dedicated to your program

1. People

Hiring Culture

Expivia has a unique Hiring Culture. We only hire employees that have a “Sunshine Attitude and an Entrepreneurial Mindset” meaning great attitude and exhibit great effort.

Unique Training

Unique training and onboarding procedures.

Management Trainee Program

Six-month Management Trainee Programs for all supervisors


Weekly agent reviews.


Onsite It

Onsite IT for any Integrations to your CRM or we can create for you

Programmer Service

Expivia Programmers are masters of the Incontact platform allowing for

  • Full Service IVRs completed quickly and effectively
  • Dynamic routing of calls to the right agent every time
bpo services

One of the first BPO’s to offer the newest in Chatbot and Texting Artificial Intelligence

video service

Video Customer Service

Speech recognition

Speech recognition implemented in all our Quality Assurance. We can “listen” for key words and phrases in all calls.