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Who Is The “Call Center Geek”?

Thomas Laird is the founder and CEO of Expivia, a 500+ seat contact center based in the USA. As Contact Center and Customer Service Speaker, he regularly shares his 30-years experience with call center operations and software with the community. 

He is the author of the call center operations book, More Advice from a Call Center Geek, and the host of the "Advice from a Call Center Geek Podcast". Laird also works as an industry consultant, helping businesses deploy effective contact centers that redefine their customer engagement.

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What’s in Your Call Center Software Purchasing Guide: 

  • An Overview of UCAAS vs CCAAS

  • A Comprehensive List of Must/Should-Have Contact Center Tools

  • Tips on Saving Money 

  • Vendor Traps to Avoid

  • What You Can Expect to Pay

  • How to Negotiate Pricing

  • Everything else you need to know about buying a contact center platform…

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