About Us

The mission of Expivia Interaction Marketing Group Inc. is to build strong and long term customer relationships with our clients while being an evangelist for their brand. We build multi-channel trade routes with call center outsourcing to customers, allowing for true engagement on their terms.

  • 500 seat Hybrid Contact Center BPO located in Erie, PA
  • Expivia Offers Agents in our Brick and Mortar Facility and/or with our Virtual At-Home Agent Offering
  • 100% USA Contact Center
  • We work with as large as Fortune 500 companies to year one startups
  • Member of the NICE inContact ICVC Board (Customer Council)
  • DEV 1 Partner of NICE inContact
Thomas Laird CEO

Tom is the founder and CEO of award-winning Expivia Interaction Marketing Group.

Expivia is a bridge between a high-quality contact center and a high tech software company. We have integrated the latest technology (Speech Analytics, AI, WFO, Chatbots, API Integrations, Advanced Routing Techniques) with time tested education and employee engagement tactics to create what we believe is the new standard in call center outsourcing.

Tom has the honor of being a member of the NICE inContact ICVC Board. The iCVC is a select group of NICE inContact customers selected to join as trusted advisors to help NICE inContact validate ideas for new products and features and plans for future innovations.

Prior to starting Expivia, Tom was the head of call center operations for a large BPO that specialized in financial services. Having this past know-how has given him the honor of running many services and sales programs for most of the top 15 largest financial institutions in the USA.

Tom also the author of the call center operations book “Advice from a Call Center Geek” that can be found on Amazon and the host of a weekly call center operations podcast by the same name (Advice from a Call center Geek). The “Geek” can be found on iTunes, Spotify, Sticher, Google Play or here:

Joyce Covatto Client Services

With over 30 years of experience in all facets of the Contact Center industry, Joyce brings a wealth of experience in leading the Expivia Client Support and Business Development teams. Previously Joyce was the owner of a large BPO contact center located in Northwestern Pennsylvania.  This knowledge of an owner-operator makes Joyce an invaluable member of our Expiva team.

Brian Rasmussen Technology

As Head of Expivia’s MIS area, Brian brings 20 plus years’ experience in database and web design. Mr. Rasmussen also oversees all of Expivia’ s CTI.

Sergio Marron Technology

Sergio heads up Expivia’s Application Development team and works closely with clients on all integrations and web design. Sergio is also very skilled in many programming languages and is a NICE inContact “guru”.  From developing software used in our call center to integrating and enhancing our speech analytics and NICE inContact platform, Sergio and his team are experts in making sure the technology of Expivia is second to none.

Anthony Covatto Human Resources

Anthony is the mind behind our hiring culture and hiring strategy. He understands how to deal with people and is a tremendous asset running the Expivia HR Department.  Anthony has developed many of our unique HR hiring policies, procedures on how we incent and is the driver of bringing in employees that exude the “Attitude and Effort” culture of Expivia.

Jacqueline Bates Production

The Expivia Learning Center and QA departments are led by a 25 year veteran of the call center outsourcing environment.  Jackie has been in the BPO Call Center industry for over 30 years.  Previously Jackie has run HR and Production activities for two large BPO call centers.  Jackie is a true asset to head out Training and Quality Management team.

Peggy Briggs Production

With over 25 years running large BPO Contact Centers, Peggy brings a wealth of skills to the Expivia Interaction Center floor.  Peggy is our OIC or Officer in Charge of our production activities at Expivia

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